Saturday, November 5, 2016

Out of Sync From Flying? Grounding Yourself Will Result in Better Sleep

My favorite BioHack for this week is the Grounding Mat. 

Grounding, also called Earthing, is a simple habit that will have you sleeping, feeling and looking better. 
The theory is simple, that our bodies are accumulating positive charge all of the time as we are electrically insulated from the earth. The negative earth balances the positive charge and results in better health and energy.
Dave Asprey, Bulletproof guru and more, has done a smart job explaining the process here: How I Killed Jet Lag and Gained More REM Sleep Too. As Dave tells you, a simple copper wire stuck into the ground of any outlet, and connected to a sheet of aluminum foil under your feet will provide these results. 
Thankfully Dave was not the first to endorse this wave of thinking. Several Earthing/Grounding Mats are out there for shoppers!
The complete Earthing Starter Kitincludes a mat, sheet, wrist bands and more. Earthing Sheets? Hmmm one can't help but wonder what benefits might be here. Seriously, the idea is to ground while you sleep. Dave Asprey also tells us that his sleep was being monitored and his results were impressive!


A simple mat can be purchased alone also as a Universal Earthing Mat Kit.

Finally, If you're flying soon, you might want to consider some of these tips, from from famous bio-hacker and Bulletproof Coffee inventor Dave Asprey is to “ground” yourself during the flight. You do this by placing your bare feet on the metal part of the seats in front of you connecting it to the floor. 

Airplanes are grounded for safety in case of lightning strike so Asprey posits that you can ‘earth’ yourself and get rid of some of the negative charge that accumulates in your body from being bombarded with EMF in flight (i.e. Kruse’s plane as microwave theory).

Additionally, once you land in your destination try doing some barefoot activity outside with your feet in contact with the earth. This could involve walking along path, park or beach, hiking a trail or even just doing some yoga in your back yard. Asprey says that just 20 minutes of this “earthing” is enough to shake off most of his jet lag.

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